Please join us at Gallery 345 in Hudson, New York for a conversation with
David Schulz and Laura Summer concerning David's present solo exhibition,
The Mirror.

Artists' Talk, Saturday, May 9, 5pm

Gallery 345
345 Warren Street
Hudson, New York

David Schulz
The MirrorDavid Schulz, The Mirror

May 2, 2009­May 31, 2009
Opening Reception, Saturday, May 2, 5­9pm
Artist¹s Talk, Saturday May 9, 2009, 5pm

Hudson, NY This spring, Gallery 345 will present a special exhibition, The
Mirror, by David Schulz. Continuing his interest in parallel narratives, The
Mirror combines photographic diptychs (injet prints, 8 x 22² wide), and text
which is reproduced and mounted along the baseboards, running around the
perimeter of the gallery.

The Mirror consists of photographic image and text that contains a story
about a man watching a video of his parents, with his wife. As time unfolds,
he realizes his dad is actually alone (in the physical world)‹his mother is
a ghost. Still later, he realizes he is alone‹his wife vanishes into thin
air. But the story is not about being alone, it¹s about how everything is at
once itself and an image of itself. As with a mirror, on one side you stand;
on the other, your image stands. In the story, his awareness of his
predicament becomes his image. As horizontal diptychs, the photographs mimic
the subject-object relationship that plays out in a mirror. The photographic
content‹peripheral views of the everyday: hallways, city streets,
doorhandles, and radiators‹comments on the ebb and flow of things in the
world as we gain conscious recognition of them, and lose them, as we lose
our memories, in a fluid state of preformation.

Additionally, The Mirror, is a photo-bookwork published in November, 2008,
by David Schulz, in an edition of 200, offset printed, perfect-bound, 44
pages, 7 x 9².

David Schulz has exhibited with many galleries and organizations in the New
York City area including Gigantic Art Space, the Front Room, Dumbo Arts
Center, Pratt Institute (where he is faculty), the Parrish Art Musuem, and
the Cellar Gallery (co-founder, 1996). Additionally, David¹s work has been
included in two exhibitions at the Brooklyn Art Museum: Artists¹ Books,
2000, and Open House, 2004. He is part of the following collectives: Nurture
Art, White Columns, Pierogi 2000 (flat files), and Art in General. His
photo-bookworks are held in various national and international collections
including the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Whitney
Museum of American Art, the Yale University Library, the Art Institute of
Chicago, the Walker Art Museum, the Getty Research Library, and the Los
Angeles County Museum of Art.

David lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
May 2-May 30, 2009



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