learn to pray

an installation by Laura Summer

Opening reception with 345 guest artists:
Kristin Dalton & Peter Buckbee will be held

Friday April 5 from
5pm – 8pm

Gallery 345
featuring work by:
Emily Hassell
Martina Angela Muller
Wendy Holmes Noyes &
Laura Summer

Join us this Sunday March 15th at 4:30 for the Recpetion of:

By Dawson Nichols
Directed by Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan
With directorial assistance from John McManus
Performed by Dale March
March 6-8 (The Triplex Theater, Gt. Barrington, MA)
March 14-16 (Space 360, Hudson, NY)

Since Joseph’s admission to Oakbrook after "the incident with the fire", he has endured endless therapy sessions, but not without coming up with a few ideas of his own. In fact, he has discovered that he might be the master of horror fiction himself, Edgar Allan Poe. Taking matters into his own hands, Joseph unearths some of the more cryptic metaphysical insights of the 20th Century as he subjects himself, his doctors and his fellow patients to a humorous and disturbing analysis of his own.

"Engaging, amusing and disturbing all at once" --The Scotsman

"Will give anyone unfamiliar with his (Poe's) writings a thrilling introduction" --The West Australian

"A bravely intense and purely creative work" --BUZZCUTS

For More Information on performances and Tickets go to
Last performance Matinee at Space 360 at 2PM Dont miss the shows they go back to Australia with Dale afer this!
This is a great chance to talk to the actor and directors, as well as view the latest works from the Gallery 345 Artists Laura Summer, Wendy Holmes Noyes, Martina Muller, and Emily Hassell.



T 518 672 7302 Laura Summer
T 518 392 2730 Wendy Holmes Noyes
T 518 392 9620 Emily Hassell