Photographs of January events Chelle Mayer & Emily Hassell

Emily Hassell Live Installation

Hours for January are
Sat open only for events 7 - 9 pm
Sundays as usual 1-5 pm
If you are in town and happen to be going by check the open sign , while if we are there during the week we may be open,so feel free to come in and get a glimpse of our process.

Also note
Jan 10th performance and paintings by Chelle Mayer
Jan 24 New works and performance Emily Hassell
Jan 31 will be our CLOSING Reception
Works By Martina Muller,Laura Summer, Wendy Holmes Noyes, and Nathaniel Williams also available

. Please Scroll to bottom for poster invitation



T 518 672 7302 Laura Summer
T 518 392 2730 Wendy Holmes Noyes
T 518 392 9620 Emily Hassell