Feb 7- Mar 1

Opening Reception:
Sat, Feb 7, 5-9pm

“Enter Face”

Gallery Hours: Saturdays, 12-8pm and Sundays, 1-
5pm (including the 7th). Exhibitors:

Daniel Pate
and Nathaniel Williams.

Daniel Pate was trained in
oils at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN
and subsequently at the neueKUNSTschule in
Basel, Switzerland. He has been painting since
1997. Dan's paintings arise out of an interest in a
beautiful expression of hidden aspects of the human
soul as they relate to the world and the self.
Nathaniel Williams trained at the
neueKUNSTschule, as well, and has been active as
an artist and teacher of art since.

Daniel: “For these paintings, I am attempting to
reveal hidden aspects of my own identity, my own
structure, which I experience as having other layers
than merely bone and flesh. My face can be seen
from the outside, as appearance, an appearance
which can convey myriad thoughts and emotions,
but beyond thoughts and emotions, a face can
bespeak more complicated states of being: health or
illness, heredity, environmental experiences. How
can gestures of line convey the gestures underlying
a human soul? My intent is not to speculate on the
answers to these questions but to paint in
simultaneous response to my own experience of my
FACE, something which when experienced from
the inside, is clearly an experience of the intangible,
an intangible which through contemplative painting
can become tangible.”

Nathaniel: “Faces cover people yet they also speak
them. One moment they are striving for some
independent life, the next they are totally pure
expression of my friend’s heart and mind. The face
clearly has a secret life yet it is not a life truly
foreign to its carrier, indeed it seems a deeper layer,
a woven stream of personhood; a nose hurries
ahead, while eye globes peacefully receive in
contented reflection under the fanning acanthus of a
(yellow?) forehead. Surely one must paint these
things for who would believe them otherwise?!”
Location: Studio 345, 345 Warren Street, Hudson,
NY. Contact: Nathaniel Williams 518-672-7984

Photos at the Opening



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