Past Exhibitions

See list of achieves with the events and exhibitions we held from 2007- 09

This was the first post on our blogsite in 2007:
As a group of artists, we have come together to open a cooperative gallery in the nationally renowned antiques and arts area of Hudson, NY on Warren Street. We seek to create a space where showing and making art can be shared by a broad based group of people, of all economic and educational backgrounds. We hope that the community that arises out of this endeavor will be a supportive network fostering creative search, creative courage and independence for all those involved.

We are committed to:

• Openings that include artistic activity
• Dialogue that helps a viewer to enter into a piece of art
• A wide range of prices
• Showing art that represents each artist’s independence of search without economic pressure.
• Working collaboratively in a circle of artists and supporters

Art is in my opinion the only revolutionary energy. In other words,
the situation can only be changed through man’s creativity.
Joseph Beuys

The spirit casts its shadow
into space and that is beauty.
The shadow becomes a living being
through the artist’s creative spirit.
Rudolf Steiner



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